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Plantar fasciitis exercises and running shoes

Plantar fasciitis – Pain is your brain’s way of alerting you to the fact that there is something wrong in the body. It’s almost never a good thing and having to deal with it means that you are devoting some of your body’s resources to relieving, ignoring or “dealing” with it in some way. This means that you are never really operating at a hundred percent while you are in pain. When that pain is as a result of a chronic condition, it can really hamper your productivity, both at work and in your everyday activities.

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning because your feet hurt? Do you have trouble walking long distances because of the pain it causes your legs? Does standing for long periods of time make you literally “weak at the knees” with pain? You might be suffering from a fairly common foot condition known as Plantar fasciitis.


the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis website

Plantar fasciitis refers to a painful foot condition that occurs when the tissue band running from the heel along the arch of the foot gets inflamed. This inflammation usually occurs when the tissues that connect the ligaments in the foot, specifically the ones that run from the heel to the ball of the foot, get irritated. Right there

While there are many advanced (read expensive) treatments for Plantar fasciitis, I have found that with proper rest and some Plantar fasciitis exercises, you can greatly reduce the inflammation of the muscles and with it a lot of the pain being experienced.

There are many different Plantar fasciitis exercises out there. A quick google search will bring out at least 10 different exercise sets to do. While not recommending any particular Plantar fasciitis exercise set for you, I want to point out a few things to watch out for when deciding which Plantar fasciitis exercisesets you are going to do to relieve your constant foot ache.

Things to keep in mind before choosing Pantar Fasciitis exercises

  • First of all, you have to know and understand your own body. This is a very key point. Whether or not you end up doing Plantar fasciitis exercises, knowing your body helps you care for it more efficiently. If you don’t consider your own body when making this decision, it is very likely that you will run into a lot of problems along the way. Does your posture put weight on the balls or the heels of your feet? How much stamina do you have to burn doing exercises? Is your body type or weight typical for your age grade, race or gender? Knowing these facts can save you a lot of work. The Plantar fasciitis condition can be relieved with proper dieting and rest. This will boost the gains of whatever Plantar fasciitis exercise set you choose to do.
  • Next, you should try and come at the problem from an angle. This might seem overly complex but just bear with me for a minute. Exercising just the inflamed muscle tissue might seem like a good idea, but the foot is just part of the larger engine that is your body. It’s just like how you might need to service the entire engine of your car to get the most out of the new batteries you put in. I advise exercising the muscles around the leg, that is, the calf and thigh muscles first before exercising the foot muscles. This will also help the other muscles to better handle some of the stress you unconsciously put on them due to the pain coming from the heel muscles.
  • Finally, you should always consider how much stress the Plantar fasciitis set you choose going to put on different aspects of your life. You have to consider this very carefully. Is it a time consuming exercise set? Do you need special equipment to keep on exercising efficiently? Is it a physically draining or taxing exercise set? The answers to these questions will let you know if the Plantar fasciitis exercise set you chose is the right one for you.


If you can’t smile like this after a set, it might not be the right one for you.

Helpful tips

Now, you’ve gotten the Plantar fasciitis exercise set for you. You are eating right and resting properly. You’ve started counting sets and passing milestones. But the pain is still not going anywhere. Always remember that these things take time, especially if you’ve been suffering from this condition for a while. What you are doing is helping the body do what it does on its own, it is by no means a cure. You can also help the healing process along by applying other pain relieving methods such as massages and ice packs. Also try to avoid any activity that places undue stress on the foot. Using things like shoe inserts and padding to make your foot more comfortable is also a good idea.

While it can be a big pain in the foot, the real key here is consistency. You might have to stick with it for a couple of weeks to start feeling the results, but once you do, it becomes a lot easier to maintain the exercises. Always try and do the Plantar fasciitis exercises as long as you can but stop immediately if it starts to hurt. Just as when you work out any other part of your body, be very careful not to overdo it and make the condition worse.

Before I sign off there is one last point you should keep in mind. Very important. Make sure what you have is Plantar fasciitis before you start doing any of the Plantar fasciitis exercises. This is because Plantar fasciitis is very similar to another condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. There are also other foot conditions that can cause pain in the foot, and the Plantar fasciitis might not help in relieving the pain caused by some of them.

To re-iterate, if you have Plantar fasciitis, a very good way to manage and relieve the pain that goes with it is by doing Plantar fasciitis exercises. Seriously, you should try it!

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands for You to Choose from

There is quite a lot of best cordless vacuum cleaner brands that you can consider while choosing. All these brands have the significant benefits of their own that sets them apart from others. While you choose the vacuum cleaner it is necessary that you first of all know all the functions and benefits that they have. Then go to an online shop such as and see the user reviews to elaborate the benefits as the users will know much more about the specific vacuum cleaners brands. Read the reviews to compare different brands and models. With this information you can proceed to choosing the one you like and purchase it. Example: Best cordless Vacuum cleaner For Pet Hair, Best cordless Vacuum cleaner For Hair On Carpet…

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands for You to Choose from

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands for You to Choose from

​What are the best vacuum cleaner brands?

  • ​Miele
    This is a remarkable company that has based its vacuum cleaners on thorough testing and is determined to provide you with the cleaner environment keeping in mind the basic factors. They are bringing you the vacuum cleaners that are durable, easy to use and have all the specifications that would make you want their product. Being the green company they are also caring to bring you noiseless and light weight cleaners that make the air that you breathe clean and pathogens free.
  • Bissell
    Their vacuum cleaners are supposed to bring you the cleaning experience that is all in all very best. They are focused on bringing you the new and innovative technology every time they design something new. They take pride in their professionals who are trained to show commitment to the needs of their customers. This is why they are excelling in the vacuum cleaners production.
  • Eureka
    This company is the one that is bringing so much variety to its customers that everyone is satisfied according to their needs. Whatever type of vacuum cleaner you need whether it is handheld, stick vacuums or steamers everything is kept environmental and health friendly. There is one policy and that is providing you with the chemical free environment and cleaning. The safer environment with thorough cleaning is their quality.
  • Hoover
    Hoover is the company that has a lot of experience in producing the appliances that clean your home from floor to ceiling. Their determination has helped them make the phenomenal vacuum cleaners that care for the environment and also clean all the debris right away. Choosing the vacuum cleaners they produce means that you will get all the benefits in the vacuum that you could possibly need for cleaning.
  • Dyson
    Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for their durability and cost efficient as they don’t need filter replacement very often. They are credible to serve you for lifetime and the testing they go through had made it evident that they are tough but designed less bulky in comparison to the cleaners made by other companies. So if you are a real “neat freak” then this is the company that design the vacuum according to your desire. You can choose from wide variety of cleaners they provide.
  • iRobot
    iRobot is specialized in robotic vacuum cleaner. They have designed the vacuum that clean all kinds of surfaces whether they are carpeted floor or the hard floor. They have introduced the Aero force extractors which is comparatively a very new technology introduced in the vacuum cleaning. If you are looking for the hassle free vacuum then this is the cleaner designed for you. Especially if you are always moving from one home to another or may be a student who need a dorm room vacuum cleaner, then this is the one that should be your choice because it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance time.
  • Shark
    Every corner and the hardest to reach place can be cleaned with the help of Shark vacuum. This company is determined to provide you with the cleanest environment with great convenience. Their design is easy to use and designed to give you effective cleaning. Their vacuums are lightweight so it is best for people who can’t handle heavy things. Its easy to clean design is what makes it apart from other cleaners.
  • Black & Decker
    They have presented a lot of styles in vacuum cleaners. Some of their cleaners are also easy to use on the tables where sometimes biscuit crumbs, cereals etc. are spilled and create mess. Vacuum cleaners with different styles designed specifically for different places is what Black & Decker brings to you.

These were just some of the brands that are brought to highlight as they are the ones that are sold and bought frequently. They have benefits of their own but one quality that they have in common is they all are environment friendly which is a good sign that as the developers are taking care of the environmental issue. They are incorporating the same passion of safer environment into the vacuum cleaners and hence bringing up the products that will help keep your environment safe and sound for you.

The qualities that they have make them the brands that are outshining other ones that are not paying attention to your health and your needs. These vacuum cleaner brands are durable and tested by many users for their perfection. Choosing the type of vacuum depending on your needs is the main decision that you have to make.​

Make sure that you don’t spend your money without getting to know your needs and the pros and cons of vacuum cleaner you want to buy. For example if you are in need of vacuum that could clean an extremely messy place and you buy the one that doesn’t fulfill your requirement then it would be nothing but waste of money.​ The best vacuum cleaner brands reviewed above are chosen because of their popularity among the users. So if you buy vacuum cleaner from one of those brand, it’s almost guaranteed you will get quality and worth of money product.

About the best running shoes for women in the market

If you want to research about the best running shoes for women in the market, you can find a whole lot of brands with stylish looks and performance. Each pair of shoes speaks the language of fashion and it gives complete style to women you will feel the best performance after wearing these shoes. If you take the list of the best running shoes for women there are many brands to choose from. These shoes are unique is designs and they complete protection to the feet. Lets see come of the best running shoes for women available in the market.

Best running shoes for women

Nike sports shoes for women

Nike Company has a huge collection of shoes for women, these sneakers are made with the latest technology and they give good support to the feet. Nike boasts for the best running shoes for women and they have good style and performance. Nike is the most preferred sneaker in the world and it has good demand among the customers. The Nike Air Max models are the best running shoes for women, because they are lightweight and give good clutch to the feet. Nike free run is a good pair of shoes, and it gives good comfort to the user. Apart from this Nike has Air max motto , this is a cool pair of shoes is the best running shoes for women ,and it gives superb performance on your feet.

The ultimate collection from Adidas

If you are looking for the best running shoes for women, you can find amazing sneaker models in Adidas brand. These sneakers have a good reputation in the market and it is one of the hot selling brands in the world. Adidas marathon 10 is a cool pair of sneakers, which comes with high-end performance. This is a basic sneaker model in Adidas and it is the best running shoes for women. You can use this shoe for indoor and outdoor activities and it gives good feel to the leg. Many companies are making the best running shoes for women but nothing can beat the performance of Adidas brand. Adidas Aegis is the other sneaker available in the Adidas collection and it is the best running shoes for women. The make of the shoes is perfectly designed to give a good appearance of the feet. The bottom portion of the shoes comes with a good grip and helps the user to run better. Adidas Company is in the shoe making business for the past two decades and they have designed the best running shoes for women with total perfection.

Reebok the best shoes for women

You can find the best running shoes for women in the Reebok shoe collection. These shoes are designed with absolute perfection to give maximum performance. The Reebok Trinity is the best running shoes for women, and it comes with rich styles and looks. Trinity sneaker model is a cool creation by Reebok and it gives complete protection while running. Reebok Company gives more attention to their shoes so that the customers are satisfied with the performance of the shoes. The other best running shoes for women shoes for women is the Reebok Solar Vibe sneaker, this shoes looks sexy and attractive with the unique color shades.

About Cushioned Running Shoes

What’s The Cushioned Running Shoes Used For

1.Forefoot cushion to protect the knees and ankles by force, protection of the body by the force of the heel, including the spine.
Some species ( such as zoom) can improve on the forefoot forefoot thrust run much more easily.
Mainly to protect the body bones and joints, including the ankle. Not like basketball shoes as directly protect the ankle anti – sprain, but to help reduce the impact from the ground.

2. Absorb external vibration and shock pressure. Landing buffer to ease the pressure on the knee, the ankle does not help and protection, will take advantage of the cushion to collect the body of the pressure on the ground, into a forward and upward thrust.

3. Then, can the cushioned running shoes fit for playing basketball?
Divided into many types of air cushioned running shoes, for example, Nike Air shoes, respectively, can divided to be the class of basketball and running shoes,
basketball air-cushioned shoes cushion is columnar, more suitable for playing basketball bouncing action; while running shoes cushion are installed in the shoes followed by the bottom,
put on feel very relaxed, the running speed will be accelerated.
If what you bought is a basketball class, playing basketball, running shoes like, you should be careful. With the news currently available, there are many cases in which a guy is injured his foot while playing basketball wearing air-cushioned shoes.
The abrasion resistance of the air-cushioned shoes is good, usually a pair of shoes will not linger to wear long, a week rotating through the extent of it, a year is certainly not a problem.


The Cushioned Running Shoes That Best Fit For You

AD Series
ADP: after the palm cushioned system, feel softer, able to absorb most of the impact, but it’s not very durable, more wear, more hard.
ADP+: forefoot, used to start, it’s felt to be the best reaction soon started among the whole system, you can keep up with the running rhythm timely landing impact force is converted into propulsion, especially suitable for run, but it’s still not wearing.
BOUNCE(A3): mostly used for whole palm, intended to mimic the action of the spring and damping landing are not satisfactory, some stiff, but very powerful thrust starts, really like the spring, feeling hop a jump, personal feeling is that the front to turn hard ( relatively old and new tutte ), very durable, requiring large weight.

NIKE series
ZOOM: got the full part before and after, as after the palm damping, cushioning feeling is not enough, especially big weight, better start using it as a forefoot quick response, but not as good as the AD series big boost power and wear long tiring.
MAX: after the palm or palm good shock absorption, the the atmospheric chamber deformation landing, provide a soft and safe landing flu, people are assured, bad but as forefoot Technology, reflecting the slow and very thrust large part absorbed, you need a big weight, once pierced, scrape, rub, we must scrap, difficult to use poor.

SHOX: after the palm imitate the originator of the spring, give cushioning relative BOUNCE better, after the palm, but also to give sufficient thrust, you need a big weight.
SHOX + MAX Hybrid”column”: after the palm, a combination of both advantages, excellent cushioning, good thrust, inherited MAX shortcomings(see above).

ASICS series
Wear to wear ASICS GEL: to rely on this, after the palm forefoot has perfect performance cushioning extremely powerful hind paw landing seems thick GEL is pressed into a thin one, the impact the greatest degree of absorption, before the next floor and quietly restored perfect foot feeling, like step in latex, but yet very stable forefoot when, with forefoot SPEVA can be a good provide boost power, durability.

SPEVA: full palm, flexibility is very good, there are some cushioning ability, personal feeling is responsible for energy conversion, start, and auxiliary GEL cushioning, very all-around good durability.

Cushioned Running Shoes Patterns

While cushioned running shoes is the one kind that fit for running, boys and girls, men and women, old and young, who likes running as their habit, they can prevent themselves from hurt easily.

In my memory, when i was young, i like it also. It’s just so soft and light to be with. At that time, lots of my classmates wore it to take a run in the playground, one cycle by one cycle around, to swear there and enjoy themselves.

Cushioned running shoes is the style that fit for lot of people, the function of cushion is to shock and pressure absorption while running.

Generally the one who take a long-term run frequently will consider the absorption, anyway, it’s combined with personalized habitude, it can be vary a lot; However, for the professional athlete, it’s rarely to consider this kind of absorptive-a-lot shoes, because it will affect the running speed. We canot frankly say that the cushioned running shoes are absolutely better than the normal ones.

Then, what should we choose while running? Commonly, it’s better to only choose normal running shoes, what jogging need is just breathable and lightweight and does not require absorption of pressure. As we know, AIR basic is used to reduce vibration. AIR are installed in the heel, while the heel will not contact with the ground while running, so there is no use of much the AIR with running shoes. If want to example the good brand of this kind of shoes, then New Balance running shoes is one of the best kind, which is very comfortable both in summer and winter .

What Are Cushioned Running Shoes

Running is a popular game but can place a large amount of stress on an athlete’s joints. This is especially valid for the ankle and knee joints. Cushioned running shoes help to dissipate many of the force, which is transmitted inside the kinetic chain through extra support on the mid-soles. This helps to reduce the strain on the knee along with other joints. Cushioned shoes, nevertheless, generally provide less support for the arch of the foot than other shoes thus shouldn’t be used by people who over-pronate.

Cushioned running shoes get extra padding on the lone of the shoe. This boosts the amount of time taken for the push change when the foot strikes the floor, which in turn decreases the quantity of force transmitted up from the leg. For athletes that run on solid ground including roads this is especially important to decrease the chance of injury.

There are a number of various types of cushioned running shoes. For example, air shoes utilize a compartment of oxygen on the sole of the feet that acts as a crumple zone about impact. Gel shoes use a layer of compressible serum that performs a similar career. Foam shoes replace the level of gel with a covering of foam in order to provide cushioning.


Women have spent years trying out and testing all kinds of running shoes but now we can bring you the low-down on what we feel is the best running shoe for women.

When that burning desire inside of you tells you it is time to work out, the open road is calling and your destiny awaits you, all you want is pure harmony between you and your sports wear.

When your feet hurt and injuries occur, it’s time to upgrade to comfort.

The best running shoe for women can not be simply picked based on price.


Some of the best female running shoes are shoes that work seamlessly with your foot, ensuring supreme levels of comfort and tactile grip during the heaviest of workouts.

You ask for the best, and it is now possible to get the best.

The best running shoe for women.

The ASICS GT-2110 may not be the latest model of shoe out but they are by far some of the comfiest shoes out there and are certainly one of the best running shoe for women to use on a daily basis and take to any extreme.

Thankfully you get what you pay for with ASICS. Even though you seemingly pay more up front, the old phrase of you get what you pay for rings true once more. Time and time again ASICS prove to be some of the best running shoe for women that money can buy.

The best running shoe for women is not always the most expensive pair you can buy. Price is important, but over pricing doesn’t always mean the best. It seems for maximum comfort, seamless interaction and total dedication, the ASICS GT-2110 are the best running shoe for women.

They are supportive, comfortable and lightweight and even hold orthotics with ease.

What went wrong and how I and how I am going to fix it.

I had considered just sitting down and writing out my feelings in a journal but then I thought there might be a helpful blog post in the middle of all of my angsting.

Last week I was 177 lbs and hanging on by my fingernails and then a series of unfortunate events happened and I went on a bit of a bender. I will lay them out for you and myself so I might learn, forgive and move on.

Too much work:

I worked my normal amount of shifts plus a couple of early morning short shifts and I switched a couple so the compliment of days made it seem like I was constantly at work. I even scheduled myself so that I worked until 11 pm one night and then had to be at work the next morning at 6 am. Not recommended. I only had to work for three hours that morning mind you, but I am really starting to accept that fatigue is a huge influence in my weight loss/gain.

Giving in to temptation:

At work while I was tired I decide it wouldn’t be so bad if I had a cranberry bliss  bar, well that set off a cascade of poor eating choices. It is almost like I have tunnel vision and I can only see the object of my desire and I will not rest until it is consumed therefore it can not longer be mocking me, tempting me. I need to accept that I do have a problem with moderation. If I start with a single treat I usually can not stop I end up spiraling downward. I know so dramatic but it is true. Most likely similar to all other addictions, craving the immediate rush from the object of your affection, be it alcohol, gambling, or food.

The flu shots:

I know this might sound like a cop-out but I seriously felt awful after the shots. For the first two days it was just sore arms and a bit of a headache.  As time went on I developed chest pain and a racing heart, very sore joints, fatigue. The heart rate was most disturbing, I could actually feel my pulse bounding through my whole body and it was giving me a horrible anxious feeling. To be fair to the flu shots, Mark was feeling similarly and he didn’t have the flu shots so perhaps we both had a different flu going through us.

Halloween candy:

For the first 3 days I didn’t touch the stuff. Then I started feeling really tired (see first excuse) and needed a bit of a pick me up. So I had a couple and then you know what happened (see excuse # 2). Moderation is not really something I am good at. Kind of an all or nothing kind of girl. Working on it.

Gloomy weather:

I find that I am very affected by the grey sky, it intensifies my poor mood, makes me more tired, I tend to seek out simple carbs to elevate my mood.

Lack of quality sleep:

With all of the strange shift work and my innate desire to stay up late (it is my time for me) I believe that I have not been getting a enough quality sleep and that is throwing off my hormone level and surely causing me to crave things that elevate my alertness and mood.


I have a few ideas that I am working on in my mind and some I have control over and some I do not. I find went I am unable to control a situation I seek out something to control and that is usually food. I can quickly choose something, prepare it and then eat it. Oh and it has the side effect of temporarily elevating my mood with the simple carb content. Then there will be the inevitable crash and subsequent need for more simple carb fuel,sending me in to a tailspin.

Lack of success this past 8 weeks:

I set a lofty goal of being finished my weight loss by Nov 9th. I was fairly doable but I have found it so hard to budge these last 17 or so lbs. I feel like I may have wasted the money I put in to the last 8 weeks, and with that comes guilt…Guilt breeds self-destruction. Enter bender.

What can I do starting today

  1. Control my work life a bit better. This is tough because I am always seeking a new challenge and I have never had trouble finding work. Balance needs to be attained.
  2. Realize my limits when it comes to treats. I really can not have just one.
  3. Not much to do about the flu shot/ mystery flu, but to accept that I was not feeling well and that it was okay to rest and get better. This feeling will not persist
  4. Put the Halloween candy out of eyesight. Done…put in sealed containers in the pantry. Out of sight out of mouth.
  5. Can’t control the weather but it is sunny right now and I will take advantage of it and take the doggies for a big walk.
  6. Sleep… I have been better the last couple of days, I refrained from too much TV last night and chose to go to bed at a decent time and read for a few minutes.
  7. Re: Decisions, If I have learned anything in my lifetime is that I should not rush in to decisions that I am not totally convinced of. Leaky condo is big reminder of not rushing in to buying something if you are not sure. That being said sometimes risky decisions are the ones that pay off the most. This topic still needs some work.
  8. Re:Failure/Lack of success and wasted money. Let it go and move on. This is something I often tel my kids. Let it go and move on. If I let the guilt and anxiety about wasted money weigh me down the whole process could become invalid. MOVE ON.

I am going to go to my meeting at the U weight loss clinic (I have been avoiding their calls) and make a plan for how they can help me succeed.